Our Connector this half term is ‘Which One?’

This half term we have been learning all about animals and we have been learning about specific features that help us to group the animals into mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and bird.

We visited City Farm and learnt so much from Farmer Joe.


Did you know that pigs are mammals. They also cover themselves in mud to cool themselves down and protect themselves from getting sun burnt.


Did you know a tortoise is a reptile. Tortoises are shielded by predators by their shell.


Chickens eat seeds and worms. Chickens are omnivores they eat meat and plants.


The children met Billy the goat and enjoyed having a stroke and describing how Billy felt.

“Billy feels so soft”.

“I touched Billy’s horns”.


What a fantastic trip, we learnt so much and had so much fun !!!!!


Orange Class.


Our Connector this half term is ‘Living’

The children were able to use scientific vocabulary correctly to identify and explain what is happening in each photo. The children enjoyed looking after the ten healthy living chicks and observed all the changes they made through the two weeks of having them in our class. Orange Class have a great understanding of the ‘Life cycle of a Chicken’.

Life Cycle of a Chicken


Writer of The Month

The writer of the month is Issy Schleicher for her fantastic use of adjectives when writing about the story book character ‘Beegu’. Issy remembered every full stop at the end of each sentence and a capital letter at the beginning of every new sentence. Issy wrote this piece of writing independently. I was so impressed by her beautiful handwriting and the way she used the phonic poster to help her with spelling of different words.

Well done Issy!



Writer Of The Month

The writer of the month is Thomas Canning for his fantastic use of adjectives when describing the stick house  in the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. Thomas wrote this descriptive piece of writing independently. He really thought about the properties of the materials that were used in the house of sticks.

Well done Thomas!




Writer Of The Month

The writer of the month is Rose Maslen for her fantastic use of adjectives when describing snow. Rose wrote this poem independently and was able to use some capital letters, full stops and spell some common exception words correctly.

Well done Rose!




Old and New Toys


Everyone in Orange Class loves to play with toys.  We were all very excited when we started to read Traction Man is Here by the author Mini Grey.  We started to make our own settings for new toy adventures.  The Phonic Fairies also paid us a sparkley visit to help us with our writing!

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We visited Bruce Castle Museum and learnt how to tell the difference between old and new toys.

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Pam brought her favourite teddy bear, Bobby.  She got him when she was three years old.  She used him so much that his fur has worn away, especially by the corner of his ears.

IMG_4718 IMG_4717 IMG_4714 IMG_4712

Do you have a favourite toy?